NorthStar at Katapult Future Fest 24. Exploring the future of AI in venture

by Humberto Trevino June 3rd, 2024

Investor Day at Katapult Future Fest offered a treat for data-driven impact investors, featuring a dedicated track on how AI is causing seismic changes in impact investing and exploring the leading tools in the space.

The track included a remarkable panel and roundtable discussions facilitated by outstanding experts in AI and Analytics: Gustav Von Sydow from EQT, Eva De Mol Ph.D, from Capital T, Johan Attby from Norrsken, and  Philipp Gross from Backen and Baeck. The discussions were masterfully moderated by Fredrik Winther from Katapult & NorthStar Impact Analytics. The sessions counted with the participation of more than 60 impact investors interested in augmenting their impact investing operations and becoming more data-driven.

The topics posed by the panelists ranged from the profound effect that existing AI tools have had on the operations of some of the most successful data driven VCs. How to leverage AI & Analytical solutions to support areas such as such as team/founder fit & assessment, -which have typically been reduced to superficial assessments-. And how AI can now provide structured and comprehensive impact analysis, comparable to the output that a well versed impact analyst can provide, but at scale.

With NorthStar showcasing its suite of analytical solutions for augmenting impact and climate VC operations, it became clear that the question is no longer if AI in venture capital will become a reality, but how to make better use of the already existing tools and anticipate the system changes in venture capital for climate and impact investing that AI is undoubtedly causing. 

A topic of concern that many conversations focused on, was what will happen with our talent, and how can we minimize the risks as we move into more automated and ubiquitous systems. In the many scenarios discussed, one common thread remained. Keeping the Human in the Loop was the answer to many of these questions and concerns from participating investors.

At NorthStar, keeping the human in the process remains at the core of what we do. By augmenting the information humans receive, we enhance their decision making, rather than removing people from the equation. And by streamlining the manual, less value added repetitive tasks, we enable quick decision making and liberate time that allows your people to connect and build their relationships. Which ultimately leads to winning the deal.

The NorthStar team sends heartfelt thanks to Ida Faldbakken  and the KFF 24 team for inviting NorthStar Impact Analytics to facilitate the AI in Impact VC track at Investor Day, and particularly, thanks to all the attendees who contributed their thoughts, questions, ideas, and curiosity. If you’d like to participate in future events where NorthStar is invited, sign up for the newsletter here.

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