Our Impact

We help Impact investors channel capital to great founders and upgrade their investment decisions and operations with AI.

Our impact is achieved through the success of impact investors, and by enabling efficiency, augmenting their decisions, and supporting their investments we facilitate their success.

Our TOC illustrates our thinking



  • AI will change venture investing, and most funds do not have the expertise to respond. 

    Finding and nurturing quality investment opportunities & investors is time consuming, resource intensive and open to bias or constrained to geographical & personal networks.

    Impact & climate investing requires specific expertise and collects challenges specific to the impact/climate mandate such as regulations and transparency expectations that require investors to comply with processes that increase operative complexity.



  • Providing investors with the analytical tools that enable them to operate efficiently and effectively at scale. By utilizing AI and analytical techniques to enhance the 5 key processes of every investor: Sourcing, Screening, Selecting, Supporting and Selling

    More crucially, doing so in a framework that complies and exceeds the Impact and climate investing requirements. And to provide the tools to lower the barrier to entry in the impact and climate space for new investors.



  • Impact investors have state-of-the-art tools to operate lean, effectively, and within the impact frameworks. Gaining a competitive edge that makes Impact and Climate ventures even more profitable and attractive for other investors. Ultimately channeling more capital into impactful founders and positive outcomes for humanity and the planet.

The NorthStar Theory of Change

A Theory of Change (ToC) serves as a blueprint for designing and evaluating initiatives aimed at social or environmental impact. It outlines the journey from the resources used (inputs) to the long-term benefits (impacts), ensuring that every step—activities, outputs, and outcomes—is logically connected and planned.


Resources allocated for the implementation of the organization's activities


  • Financial resources allocated to the operation

  • Expertise of staff and consultants

  • Technical resources & external mentors

  • Compute & System expertise


Actions taken to use these inputs and move towards the desired goals.


  • Develop AI and Data Analytics Tools

  • Integrate tools with CRM systems

  • Conduct Workshops and training sessions

  • Recommend companies, and analyze companies


Immediate, measurable results of the activities mentioned previously


  • # of recommended companies within the investment mandate

  • Number of recommended companies that are impactful

  • Number of training sessions conducted

  • Number of new startups with relevant impact investors


Short-term to mid-term benefits or changes resulting from outputs.


  • Improved deal sourcing for users

  • Informed investment decisions for the users

  • Increased capital deployed in impact startups


The Long-term, desired widespread changes from the outcomes.


  • More investors are Data-Driven and get better results

  • More capital allocated to impact ventures

  • Faster, better allocation of capital for impact and climate


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